This movie is a case of; the premise is being more awesome than the actual movie. I don't know what it is but war movies involving occult elements and in this particular case also zombies, always keep disappointing me, while I still have faith in it that one day a great movie about it will get made!

Don't really know or understand what the film-makers were aiming. Guess they tried to be more than just an average, silly horror flick, with zombies in it. They did so by trying to make the story something convincing and by building up things very slowly. But we all know that at some point this movie is going to turn into a zombie flick anyway, so why even bother? Besides, in essence the movie and also its story never surpass the level of a B-movie, so it's actually only annoying that the movie tries to be way more than it in fact truly is.

Especially the pace and buildup of the movie is being quite frustrating. For the longest time, there is absolutely nothing happening. So please don't go watch this movie expecting lots of zombie awesomeness or different type of action. the movie obviously didn't had the budget or knowhow, for any of that. there is also very little, which is another disappointing about the movie.

They at least tried to provide the movie with some cool characters and developments, for all of them but I still can't really say that the movie has any true great or likable enough characters in it. I honestly can't remember any of their names and I also can't really say that any of them had a good and distinctive personality. In other words, I just couldn't care quite enough for any of them, which also made me far from feeling involved with this movie.

It's definitely not being the worst that the genre has to offer but I still can't really call it a good enough or very recommendable movie either.


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