This movie is quite different from the first one but not much better I'm afraid. It seems that this was one of those movie of which the script had been lying around for years until someone picked it up and decided to put "Boogeyman 2" on it because horror sequels sell.

It's funny how this movie is being different from the first one but is still suffering from some of the same weaknesses. Biggest flaw is that it tries to combine some typical horror with drama. Problem is though that the drama really isn't anything all that interesting or involving. I still don't know who was who in this movie and also simply couldn't have cared less about anyone who was in it. I only knew who the Tobin Bell character was, since he is simply being the only recognizable actor in this movie.

The movie is stuck somewhere between being a "Scream" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (especially "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors") knockoff. And not a very good one unfortunately. Guess that if they had gone for just one type of approach the movie could had still worked out. The Boogeyman definitely had some Freddy Krueger type of potential to him, since he was using people's fears to get to them. But they never really explored this concept well enough and simply just dropped it after a short while.

It mostly is being a very boring lackluster movie. The pace feels too slow, simply because the story and characters just aren't all that interesting to follow around. Some more excitement and gore would had turned this into a more typical genre movie but it at least would had made things more fun. This was also a problem I had with the first movie by the way.

Oh well, one more sequel to go. Lets hope it's a better one but somehow I sincerely doubt it.


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