It's as if the film-makers had been watching the first movie and learned from their mistakes and decided on doing everything different and better this time. And the end result is not a great but a definitely watchable movie!

More fun, more gore, more zombies, a better pace, better characters. This feels more like a movie that knew what it was doing! It's being more a straightforward horror flick, involving zombies and Nazi's. It's simple but ultimately also effective.

Another thing that had been improved is its look. It's not as low budget looking as its predecessor and simply has a good look and atmosphere to it, that suits the movie its story. It also definitely was a better choice to let this movie take place at more than just one location. It also helps to give the movie some more pace and to help to keep things more fresh and interesting.

Horror/zombie fans will definitely be more pleased with this movie than with its predecessor. Not that its being the best the genre has to offer but it at least offers plenty of fun and some gore. For them this movie is definitely being a recommendable one but to most others it remains nothing more than just a very average genre entry, that doesn't have an awful lot to offer for them in it.


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