The whole Boogeyman movie series is one I just can't understand. I just don't know what it is trying to do and be exactly and the series as a whole is one you can easily do without, even if you really are into horror stuff.

Thing with the whole series is that it's trying to be horror but at the same time also serious movies with drama in it. The results are a whole bunch of slow moving and not that very interesting movies, that besides also hardly do anything new or original. They fail at being good movies and they just don't work out the way they were supposed to. They were persistent though, since this is actually the third movie out of the series. Seems that it also is the last one out of the series though, fortunately.

Seems that this movie was a tiny bit trying to be more like a common modern horror/slasher. It just isn't being a very good one though. As earlier mentioned, the movie is just moving too slow and is not being very interesting with its story or any of its characters. It also does a poor and lazy job with its story really. It doesn't ever explain anything, though I admit that this movie still did a better job at it than any of the previous movies, out of the series. But still, it's mostly relying on all of the events that happened in the previous movies and does very little to try and delve deeper into things and search for a clear explanation for all of it. It's actually funny how all of the movies are heading into a totally different direction with their stories and as a series, the 3 movies just aren't being connected very well or convincingly to each other.

At times the gore and some of its other horror elements were still OK but overall it's being nothing too exciting or surprising.

And I was about to rate this movie just as 'highly' as its two predecessors but then came its moronic ending, which was something totally unconvincing and just did not worked out very well.

Just really not worth watching.


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