Quite surprised this movie is being listed as a science-fiction movie as well, since this movie really gave me a sci-fi kind of vibe, which was surprising, considering that this is a 1950 movie.

It's definitely hard to compare this movie to anything else, since it's being such an unique and also definitely unusual one. It's an old mythological story being set in 'modern' time, making references to currently hot and relevant subjects.

I of course can understand some people ending up not liking this movie. It's definitely not a movie that is just for everybody but those who can enjoy and appreciate something completely different and original will most likely end up really liking this movie.

The story is being told greatly atmospheric and perfectly mysteriously, which definitely also makes this a tense movie at times. You don't always know what is going on exactly, which keeps you invested all the more in the movie because you want to piece certain aspects together and let things make sense. That's probably what I foremost liked about the movie. It's a thought provoking movie, that perhaps also requires you to have an healthy doze of fantasy.

It's a pleasantly told movie. Nothing too pretentious about it but simply a story with a good pace to it and that never gets too heavy or serious. It's not always an easy story to follow but it at least doesn't ever get annoying, or simply just unpleasant to watch in any way.

The movie its interesting visuals also help a lot to keep things going and to keep you interested. The movie uses some great early effects and overall the black & white cinematography provides a great atmosphere and style for the movie.

Overall a greatly and unique movie, that is not just one for everybody though.


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