This is being a very typical Fellini movie, with a Fellini style and look to it as well as some of the typical characters and story developments. And I must say that this is probably one of my favorite Fellini movies!

As basically all Fellini movies, it has a very simple concept and an extremely straightforward storyline. It's simply following its main character around, who is in search of love and happiness. The story is getting told almost like an adventure movie, as the main character visits lots of different places and is meeting a wide variety of characters. The movie is foremost a drama but it also has a strange comedy tone to it, making this still a very entertaining movie to watch as well.

The message you can take from it is that you shouldn't desperately search for happiness and then expect to end up getting more happy than you were before. That's a lesson the main character in this movie learns the hard way. But luckily it really isn't a movie that is being preachy in any way. It never tries too hard to get its message across or to try to get any emotions out of you. It's a far too subtle and superiorly made movie for that.

Most credit of course needs to go to Federico Fellini, who does a wonderful job with the storytelling. But the cinematography also is an important aspect. The movie has some very dynamic camera-work in it, that makes the movie a very lively and warm one, even thought its shot in 'cold' black & white.

But just as much credit needs to got to Mrs. Fellini, or rather said Giulietta Masina, who plays the lead role. She goes through some amazing transitions throughout this movie and she was an actress that could act just as well with just only her eyes and facial expressions. Truly a wonderful performance and all a real pleasure to watch. It's probably even a better performance than the one in the other Fellini movie "La strada", which was also a movie that I just loved.

Simply storytelling and film-making at its very best!


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