Well, I can't say this is a bad movie but it's definitely one formulaic and unremarkable one. I probably will forget all about this movie, in a day or so but having said that, it's still a good enough little movie to have a good time with.

It's a very typical modern Nicolas Cage flick, in which Nicolas Cage is playing a very typical Nicolas Cage character and goes through some very typical Nicolas Cage sort of situations. He's playing an average guy, who gets stuck in a certain situation and needs to get out of it fast, before he and his loved ones end up getting killed. If you have seen one of those action-thrillers you have basically seen all of them already and there also is nothing too original or surprising about this movie.

The movie is using a good and interesting enough premise, that keep this a perfectly watchable one, all throughout. Just don't expect to be blown away by any of it. It has some twists and turns in it but nothing that should shock or surprise the average movie watcher.

Of course the story has plenty of problems and plot holes in it but I don't even really hold that against this movie. It's a movie that still serves its purpose well enough and provides plenty of entertainment. Changes are you wont be bored by this movie but it just really isn't one that will leave a lasting impression on you.

You still feel that the movie could had done so much more with its story and characters but the movie decides on being safe and average rather than new and daring. Nothing wrong with these sort of movies of course and they always remain perfect to watch on a day when you have absolutely nothing else to do and simply want to have a good time, without having to think too much about anything. It's not an all that spectacular or tense movie but it at least never gets boring and mainly thanks to that, the movie remains a perfectly watchable enough one, all throughout.

See it or don't. You wont feel any better or worse afterward.


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