This is an offensively bad movie or one that constantly annoyed me but there is just absolutely nothing about it that stands out or ever works out as anything truly great or hilarious.

No, I really didn't get any laughs out of this movie, expect for the very random Ray Liotta cameo. For some reason Ray Liotta cameo's always make me laugh. But other than that, the movie is offering far too little laughs. It's all quite predictable and besides its moments often go on for far too long.

Same goes for the entire movie. It just goes on and on, without making a clear point about anything. Seriously, the movie for the longest time is going absolutely nowhere and I still don't understand why this movie exists. It's one you can very easily do without.

It's also definitely because of its premise that I just see this as a very pointless and a not all that great comedy. I just couldn't buy into its premise of city folks suddenly trying to live in a rural commune. For me there was no good reason why they even tried this and it really doesn't work out as anything convincing. I wish the movie would had done more with its story and characters, to at least make the movie a bit more amusing to watch.

I honestly really like Paul Rudd but if he like him or any of the other actors in this movie, this is still not a good reason to go and see this movie. The material they all had to work what was just too weak and not all of the jokes seem to have been thought through thoroughly enough, probably because most of the movie its jokes came from the actor's improvising on the spot.

Definitely not worth seeing, though it remains far from the worst stuff the genre has to offer.


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