This is such a huge step down from the other movies and it totally doesn't feel like it's being part of the series.

If you already thought that the first sequel had very little to do with the movie "Dèmoni", wait till you see this one. This isn't even a movie about demons but one about old fashioned voodoo zombies instead. So why is this movie even part of the series? Its concept, characters and settings have absolutely nothing to do with any of the previous two movies.

This movie is taking place in Brazil. Why? Just because they could I guess. As opposed to the previous two movies, this one is set in the open, which is already taking away a lot of the tension from the movie. There is never truly a sense of danger and despair in this movie and it never gets any good horror-wise.

There is some gore in the movie but not nearly as much as in any of the previous two movies and it also most certainly isn't as great looking. This movie really could had done with some more killings or at least some more zombie action. Now the movie instead is being for most part very lackluster and you just constantly keep waiting for something good to happen. It seems to take forever for the movie, making this an at times quite boring one.

The acting is also absolutely horrible. Not that any of the previous two movies featured some impressive performances in them but the acting in this movie is so bad that it becomes an annoying aspect about the movie.

You could admire the movie for trying something different this time around but it feels more as if the movie its script got written for a totally different movie and this never was supposed to be a part of the 'Dèmoni' series in the first place. Besides, also when you see this movie as a standalone, it's simply a very lacking genre movie, that will even disappoint the most hardened fans of zombie flicks.

Not entertaining, not scary, not very involving...just not a very good movie to watch.


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