It's an obvious trend to take a well known fairy tale and take a modern twist on it, or is being a very free interpretation of it all. I'm not particularly a big fan of this, not in the least also because it very rarely results in a good movie Besides, it just too often comes across as a cheap way to cash in on an already established name and franchise. However I feel that this movie worked out surprisingly well!

No, it's far from a great movie but it at all times remains a perfectly watchable one, that besides is being pretty entertaining and spectacular in parts.

It's definitely being a very loose take on the Snow White story but they did a pretty good job with coming up with something good and original for its story, that worked out well. You can just simply see this movie as an action adventure, that just happens to feature the Snow White character and some of the other familiar characters, from the brothers Grimm's fairy tale.

Now, the story works out well but it still has some issues to it. First of all, it is true that the movie its first half was being way better too watch than its second. The second half of the movie felt somewhat disjointed and got messy in parts when the movie suddenly started to throw in way too much stuff, while still at the same time managing to make the second half also much slower and less interesting to watch than its first.

Perhaps the first half of the movie also worked out better because it focused more in the evil queen, played by Charlize Theron. And man, is she evil! Charlize Theron really did a great job with her role! The second half is almost entirely focused upon Snow White, played by Kristen Stewart, who is just less interesting as a character. So in a way this movie feels like two completely different movies, that were focusing on two different characters and both of the halves never came together well and naturally enough.

It's a really good looking movie, with a mostly dark atmosphere to it. The movie makes a great use of its special effects, costumes and makeup, which also makes this quite a visual treat.

But because that the movie is not always in balance with its story, most of the other stuff in it feels somewhat disjointed as well. There is not really one style to the movie and the one moment its is being like a typical fairy tale, with a fairy tale look to it, while at the other it's being a dark and bleach movie. Same goes for the comedy. It's just sporadically present and overall the movie its tone perhaps feels a bit too serious at times.

But really, as a whole the movie is being a pretty maintaining experience, that never bores and is being a good and interesting enough different take on the Snow White story!


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  1. Good review Frank. A lot darker and grittier than most fairy tales we see on the big screen, but it worked and gave this film a new edge to it that I think it needed. Story could have had more tension to it though.