All problems that this movie has aside, as long as a comedy can make me laugh, I'm fine with it. This movie however features far too little laughs in it, which is mostly due to the way the story is getting handled and the story itself of course.

All of the events that happen in this movie are absolutely ridicules and don't make sense in the real world. It could had worked out, if the movie was taking a more absurd and over-the-top approach but the overall tone of the movie makes it seem as if the movie also wanted to still be taken serious. it really could had been a fun and adventurous comedy, in which things slowly got from bad to worse but now instead the movie feels very random.

Things happen and are being taken for granted too easily in this movie. They besides come out of nowhere, making most of the movie work out as something annoying, rather than anything surprising or hilarious. And talking about surprising; everything in this movie progresses in a very predictable manner. You know how things shall eventually get wrapped up and how all of the character's story lines and their 'issues' will work out, by the end.

Thing that this movie also suffers from are its kids. Sorry to say but most young children just aren't good actors. That goes for the child actors in this movie as well, though it perhaps is more fair to say that most of the blame for this should be put on its script. It lets them do and say some highly unlikely things, which never makes them feel like 'real' children.

But I also don't really know how to feel about the Jonah Hill character. It's actually quite confusing, since he absolutely is supposed to be a sweet and mild guy but he does some absolutely despicable things in this movie and breaks about 10 different laws in the process and brings the young kids in trouble all the time. His character just isn't likable enough, though it was the clear intention to make a likable character out of him and let him carry the entire movie. And lets just analyze the story; its main premise is that the Jonah Hill is supposed to get drugs for his 'girlfriend', so he can finally have intercourse with her. This doesn't exactly sound like a story kids should be involved with, not even when it's a comedy and it also doesn't help to make the Jonah Hill a more sympathetic character.

I don't really blame Jonah Hill. I actually quite liked him in his role, even though I really couldn't like his character. He obviously is a great actor, that also can handle comedy well but in this case his performance is suffering from its poorly written and handled script. Same goes for Sam Rockwell. I always love this guy and he still plays a pretty good character in this movie, that however deserved to be a part of a different and much better movie.

It's still not the worst comedy you can watch but there also still is far too little to truly enjoy in this one.


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