Even while I still have some issues with this movie, it just is the type of movie you shouldn't think about too much and hard while watching. You should simply enjoy it for what it is and in that regard I also really can't imaging a person not liking this movie!

It's a stylish, snappy, skillfully made, fast paced movie. All of this stuff combined helps to make this a fun movie to watch, that of course also gets made entertaining by its concept and characters.

It has a pretty standard story but the movie still manages to come up with plenty of originality. It actually provides the movie with some very memorable moments as well, of which the scene with the mini-coopers is the most memorable- and best known one of course.

The movie still feels a bit underwritten in parts and skips over certain aspects too easily. Seems that the movie preferred a solid and fast pace over a tight script but then again, the movie is more about its moments anyway and not really about telling a good and solid story, from start till finish.

Some of the characters also remain a bit underdeveloped, while they definitely had the potential to become some good and fun characters for the movie. This for instance also and especially goes for the Benny Hill character. But then again, when you have Michael Caine as a main lead, you don't really need any other actors to shine.

An aspect I also really liked about the movie was its music. It uses an all British score, which really adds to the overall style and tone of this movie and also helps to make this a fun one.

These type of old fashioned caper movies always have a great sense of adventure and fun to it. it are simply movies made for entertainment and in that regard this movie also does not fail or disappoint.


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