At least he creators of the first movie knew what they were doing. The makers of this film absolutely had no idea how to turn this into a good and fun genre movie to watch.

It should tell you enough already that main cast and crew members of the first movie are no part of this film. I like to believe that they were smart enough to stay away as far as possible from this obvious inferior sequel.

From a sequel to a movie like "Piranha", you would expect them to go even more overboard with things, this time around. But instead of more gore, more nudity and more fun, there is less of everything. Especially the fact that there isn't really any good gore present is very disappointing. And the gore that is present in the movie is just far too fake looking for my liking. It prefers to use computer effects over practical effects, which was a really poor pick, in my opinion.

But what makes the movie just bad to watch is the fact that the story is all over the place. It doesn't really follow a good a clear main plot line and none of the characters is fun or even likable enough to care for.

This movie really has some bad and lazy writing in it. This shouldn't always be a problem for a movie of this sort though. I mean, the first "Piranha" movie sure had lots of big plot holes in it as well but the fun of the whole movie compensated a lot. It actually was a part of what made the movie so fun to watch. It made it a spoof of the genre, by making fun of all the clich├ęs and weaknesses, including lots of nonsensical stuff and big plot holes. So really, deliberate bad written can be fun but I feel that in this case it wasn't deliberate at all. It's just incompetence and that's also what makes it bad and annoying to follow all.

When the end comes, you suddenly also start to realize that everything that happened before really didn't mattered and totally wasn't being relevant for the movie at all. You could say that the movie only builds up to its last 30 minutes or so, which isn't even being a good movie finale. It was supposed to be one big bloodbath and orgy or gore but let me tell you that compared to the first movie, this one felt like a kids film.

Really, it all could had been saved with some good humor but that is also incredibly lacking in this movie as well. They had no idea how to make things fun and even when the movie is going over-the-top, it just isn't being all that funny to watch.

It's just incredibly bad all and not in a good or fun way at all. Skip it please! Or else they might make another one...


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