Well, surprisingly enough I did mostly liked this movie. Of course I recognize it as a cheap and original one but it still does plenty of things well and does offer some decent entertainment.

Perhaps I just liked this movie because this is the sort of movie I would had loved to have made with some of my friends. It's a low budget WW II production, that still has a good look to it and has some pretty neat little details in it as well.

Thing that definitely is still holding this movie down is its story. It's a very simple one, that besides it's being far from an original one. Another thing about the movie and its story is that about halfway trough the movie feels wrapped up already. There was no need for the movie to go on for as long as it did and some of its moments definitely feel stretched out.

You also never really get into any of the movies its characters, so it's definitely not being the most involving movie to watch. I honestly don't remember any of the character's names and really don't know who dies and who survives, at the end of the movie. Seems like they had some pretty good character ideas but none of it gets developed well or properly enough in the actual movie.

The action is all filmed well enough, though it certainly is nothing too exciting. Just some firefights, with always the predictable outcome. It still entertains good enough all and makes sure that the movie never becomes a too slow or boring one, though the movie still most definitely has its slower and boring spots.

Really, this movie is not half as bad as some people try make you believe it is. Or perhaps it just happens to be so that I have seen far worse genre movie already and therefore am being quite mild toward this one. But just judge and see for yourself. Changes are you might end up liking it good enough and are able to enjoy it for what it is.


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