This movie is being a very typical modern horror movie, that even can and should more be regarded as a thriller instead. Nothing original really about its story and developments and the movie does a poor job at handling its tension and having some good scares in it.

This is definitely a more slower type of movie. Nothing wrong with that of course but you still need to offer the viewers something. I don't feel like this movie ever did that well enough. Boring is perhaps not the right word but the movie definitely is not being the most interesting or involving one to watch, especially for those who are really into the genre and know all about all of its clich├ęs and other genre trappings already.

It's a bit odd how this movie is handling its tension and mystery at times. Every time you think something good is going to happen or the movie is heading into the right direction, it starts doing something completely different, which besides all works out as something less scary and interesting to watch as well.

This movie definitely had some more potential in it. The concept still could had worked out as something effective, in the hands of a more capable person. It now sadly remains nothing more than just another very average and typical genre flick, that isn't being all that effective.

Not the worst genre movie you will ever see but still, there is no good reason why you should ever go and watch this movie in the first place.


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