When you don't have the money and other resources to make a great and serious movie with, just make it fun to watch and have some fun for yourself as well, while making it. This is something the creators of "The 28th Day: Liz Lucky and the Amulet of Zasulground" understood, making the movie a good and fun enough little short to watch.

It's definitely a very simplistic movie. It doesn't even really seem to feature a story in it but just an 'idea'. I don't know, maybe this movie is a setup movie for another bigger and longer movie to come or perhaps this movie is simply being a study for its film-makers. It's just too short and simplistic for my taste but it luckily remains a good enough watch throughout.

Of course the movie has some awkward moments in it with its camera position and editing mostly but overall they did a good job with everything, making this movie not half as bad or annoying to watch as some other 'amatuer' projects.

Also the acting is quite good. The movie isn't being a serious one but luckily the actors still took their jobs serious and put some real effort into it, making their characters work out as good and fun ones, even though there of course is hardly time for any development, for any of them.

I won't mind seeing a longer version of this movie some day and I'm curious to find out what more the film-makers can come up with and can take its story and characters to.


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