For me it's very simple; if a comedy can make me laugh or puts me into a certain mood, it's a good and successful one. And this movie made me laugh and put a smile on my face, for pretty much its entire duration.

It's a sort of happy-go-lucky type of comedy, in which its main character is an extreme gullible person, who gets himself but also mostly others in trouble because of that. He's just too sweet and trustworthy for his own good, which also makes him a great comedy character, who besides is very likable.

In essence this movie is also being a family drama, that however gets delivered as a comedy. It ensures that the movie is always very light and pleasant to watch and luckily doesn't ever get too serious or heavy with any of its drama, though it very easily could had. It however also lets its story be about nothing at times and the movie isn't always going anywhere, or at least not fast or clear enough.

It's not the sort of comedy that attempts to make you laugh at every sequences, with forced comedy but it's more a comedy of the subtle kind that goes for a big smile, rather than a hard laugh. But having said that, this movie did still make me laugh at times, with its dialog and some of its situations. I guess that there is a something for everybody to enjoy in this movie, no matter what you are looking for or expecting from it.

Paul Rudd does a great job at, playing the main character. He normally is a guy who gets secondary roles in comedies but with this movie he shows that he is ready for the big work and can carry a comedy. Basically every actor did a fine job in this movie and all play some pretty solid characters, with a very distinctive personality. Lots of the characters are being given their own storyline but the movie still manages to feel like one big whole and it doesn't ever feel like the movie linger too much around one particular storyline or characters.

It's really a very sweet and easy and pleasant to follow little comedy, that keeps you entertained, despite its weaknesses.


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