This short is not just a short. Basically it's being a 20 minutes long (with 5 minutes of credits!) advertisement for a video game. So a very long commercial but luckily also an expensive looking and skillfully made one.

What the short does well is capturing the mood of a video game, with its story, settings, characters and events. It also shows some of the weapons, tactics and skills that will be present in the video game but it doesn't every do this in a too obvious or distracting way. It's all integrated pretty well into the movie. Seems to me that they even used some voice actors, that normally work on the type of video games, which this movie is advertising for.

But one thing that is obvious is that they went for spectacle instead of realism. It doesn't exactly feature the most likely plot and some of the things that are happening are just not likely to ever happen in real life.

The way I see it; this is just a short that everybody would love to be able to make, with a bunch of friends (if you are a guy that is). A bunch of shooting, a bunch of running, some explosions. It's a typical guy flick, with plenty of action going on in it. In that regard this short is simply being a very watchable and maintaining one, which you shall not get bored with.

There really isn't much story present though. It's all some very typical stuff, in which a bunch of special forces infiltrate a Russian base. Really, if you have played a bunch of video games or watched plenty of Chuck Norris flicks, you have all seen it somewhere else before. No real surprises in this short and the surprises that do happen are actually the more weaker moments.

So it's far from a perfect short but the professionalism it got made with ensures that it still remains a perfectly watchable one, that still offers plenty of good stuff.


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