Perhaps you could say that this movie suffers from the fact that the movie "The Mission" got released 5 years earlier. Both movies feature a similar concept, with as a big difference that "The Mission" had more star-power behind it. But is it better or worse than "The Mission"? In my opinion there isn't all that much difference, though "The Mission" still remains a slightly better movie due to all of its professionalism involved.

I'm of course not saying that this movie isn't a professional one. It really is a very well made movie, that is good looking and told in a good and intriguing. I just have to say that religion isn't exactly my cup of tea, so the main subjects of the movie just didn't really appeal to me, though the movie still worked out as something interesting enough for me.

Thing that makes this movie interesting is its cultural clash, between the and the Jesuit priests and the Canadian Indians. Sometimes their difference lead to something good and they start learning from each other but mostly it leads to something ugly and violent. The movie does hold back a bit though at times, no doubt because otherwise the Indian community would had felt angered and offended by the way they got depicted in this movie. It doesn't make the whole movie experience any less interesting or good to watch though.

It basically is being a respectful movie to both sides, by showing everything from the two opposite sides. It helps to create an understanding for both of the sides as well, which makes you condemn no one either. You can understand both sides and all of their motivations and actions, whether you agree with them or not.

It was interesting to see this movie taking place in Canada, instead of America or somewhere in the Rainforest. Canada has a totally different feeling and look to it, which works out as something refreshing and also beautiful to look at. The natural environments are all great looking and get beautifully brought to the screen by director Bruce Beresford and cinematographer Peter James.

Another things that adds to the atmosphere of the movie is the musical score by Georges Delerue, that works out as something haunting and beautiful for the movie.

It really is a quite intriguing movie to watch, even when you really aren't into its subject.


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