Seems that this movie is a case of you will either like or you completely won't. Surpsingly enough I quite liked it! Surprising, since I'm not even really a big Men in Black fan.

I really do think that the reason why I liked this movie was because it was being less silly and over-the-top than the previous two installments. There still is plenty of fun and comedy present throughout the movie but just not too much of the silly kind. It lets the movie feel less forced, which all made it more enjoyable to watch. At least for me it really did!

But having said that, it still is a true Men in Black movie, with some familiar moments in it, which the fans will surely appreciate. But really not everything is the same this time around and I applaud the movie for actually doing some new stuff, even though not everything works out that well of course.

Even though this movie still has the same style and tone as the previous two Men in Black movies, some things still have really changed in this movie. For one, I feel that this movie is less about the aliens and science-fiction and more about its human characters this time. J and K are the true center of the movie and there aren't that many distractions from their stories. Another clear and big difference is the K character, who this time gets mostly played by Josh Brolin, who plays the younger version of the character that got and gets played by Tommy Lee Jones.

The greatest strength of the Men in Black series to me had always been the chemistry and dynamic between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It made the movies fun and memorable but let me tell you that Tommy Lee Jones isn't even missed! Tommy Lee Jones still shows up but really for a surprising short amount of time. But the reason why you won't miss him from the rest of the movie is because Josh Brolin simply IS Tommy Lee Jones. He impersonates him perfectly and even looks and sounds like a young Tommy Lee Jones.

But really, like all Men in Black movies, it remains a far from perfect one. The one thing that is mostly keeping this movie down is its story. Not only doesn't it explore its whole time travel concept thoroughly enough but it also suffers from the exact same thing that all of the Men in Black movies suffer from; its villainous plot.

Really not all that much wrong with is main villain but his plot is kind of weak and feels underdeveloped and even somewhat secondary for the movie. You never get a sense of treat or urgency, simply because you don't always exactly know what is going on and you basically already know beforehand what the movie is going to do and heading for with its main plot line. It's all some typical stuff and the movie offers very little surprises, even if you don't exactly understand what its main story is all about.

The movie is nothing too great but it surely is a lot of fun and entertaining to watch, which does compensates a lot!


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