Normally I really can't imaging that a horror movie can put you to sleep but with this movie I can definitely understand how it can put someone to sleep. It's hard to stay awake during this movie really, since there really isn't all that much going on in it.

Guess that everybody can make a horror movie, the same way this one got made. It's an extremely cheaply shot and made movie and relies purely on its locations. But if you are a bit familiar with the Chernobyl area and its history, you know that everything in this movie is basically being a bunch of nonsense and the movie doesn't exactly do a good job at making it all remotely believable.

Basically all this movie features is a bunch of people walking around in the abandoned city of Pripyat. And really, that is about all there is to this movie. A bunch of people walking around, without anything happening, for the longest time. Horrorwise it's such an extremely lacking movie, though its concept still might sound good and interesting on paper to you. In that regard this movie is also being some real wasted potential and it's just too much of a totally uninspired movie, without any original- or just simply good ideas in it.

Really, the movie could had used a clear main villain or monster in it. It would had kept the movie still formulaic but at least it would had made things somewhat exciting and good to watch. Besides, it could had remotely pleased some of the horror fans but now there is absolutely nothing to enjoy for them. No blood, no gore, no original or good killings, no good monster/villains, no scares, no tension, no nothing!

I don't even really know what to make of this movie. It seemed like it was going somewhat for a found footage type of approach. It's filled with shaky cams and is showing the stuff from the perspective of the characters, at all time but no one in this movie ever gets identified as the girl or guy with the camera and the camera also keeps on changing positions, so it doesn't even make sense all, if it truly wanted to be taken as a found footage genre movie. I don't know, it just confused me all but it seems to me that this approach was simply picked because it was the most cheap and simple way to make the movie.

Another thing that makes this movie bad to watch is that you never feel for any of its characters. Really no one is developed- or likable enough and I don't even know who is who in this movie exactly. Thing that perhaps also makes them far from likable is because they make some stupid discussions throughout the entire movie, that also don't help to make this movie a more credible one.

It is true that I have seen worse genre movies and this one didn't angered or annoyed me all that much, which is the one and only reason why I'm still giving it a 'mild' rating. But seriously, there is no good reason why anyone should ever watch this movie!


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