And I was actually glad and surprised that the first movie wasn't being as much a "Jurassic Park" ripoff. It probably only didn't because it couldn't, since it was released a couple of months before "Jurassic Park" hit the theaters. This movie makes up for that though, since it really doesn't have an original idea of its own in it. It even more blatantly is ripping off James Cameron's "Aliens".

It even isn't being subtle about it. It doesn't try to conceal that it 'borrowed' heavily from "Aliens" and pretty much steals entire scenes, dialog and characters from that movie. Really, if you have seen "Aliens", you have seen "Carnosaur 2" as well already! The story even progresses in the exact same way.

But oh well, I still have to give the movie that it at least is being better to watch than the original. The story is much easier and pleasant to follow and it at least has some half decent characters in it as well.

Another thing that had been improved were its effects. The dinosaurs are better looking and more threatening this time around. It really prevents the movie from being ever becoming a truly ridicules or horrible one as well.

Really, it isn't anything too uncommon for a movie to ripoff another one. Especially not for low budget movies like this one. And out of all the "Aliens" ripoffs that are out there, this ons is not all that bad and actually at times quite good and enjoyable.

Not original by any means obviously but it at least is a watchable enough, cheap, little movie, that is far better and more pleasant to watch than the original as well.


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