Actually I can see very well how someone could watch this movie nowadays and say; so what? By today's standards, it's still being a very original movie but nothing that comes across as anything revolutionary. But you perhaps more need to put this movie and its perspective and go back to 1998 to see and realize how revolutionary and fresh this movie was at the time that it got made at.

The storytelling and its overall style is the main reason why this movie works out and why it's also such a refreshing one. You could say that it's visual style, with its camera-work and editing, inspired many later movies, especially within the action genre, even though this movie by itself is not an action movie.

It's a fast paced movie, that yet feels a lot longer than its 81 minutes. It's because this movie has 3 stories, with each a beginning, a middle and an end to it. These 3 stories however are also all about the same. Basically it's 3 times the same story, each with some minor difference to it, that eventually change the outcome of the story. It doesn't always feel very natural how one small thing can change the faith and outcome of certain people and events but it at least is fun to watch all.

The movie also did another thing; it launched Franka Potente's career. And really, she also is the heart and soul of this movie and mostly has to carry the movie on her own. She did a great job with all of it and her performance is worthy of all the praise.

A very refreshing and even revolutionary German movie, that helped to change cinema.


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