The entire Carnosaurs-series often gets made fun of but in all truth and honesty, they are somewhat enjoyable for what they are and not all that bad at all, with the exception of the first movie.

The thing that I particularly like about the series is that none of the movies are related and each movie is basically a new story, with different characters and settings. It makes the series incredibly differs and makes each movie feel new and fresh. It also totally isn't necessary to watch the previous two movies, before you watch this one. Every one of them can be watched independently from each other.

But no, don't worry, I'm not completely crazy. Of course this is not a great movie by any means but it at least is fun and also very self aware. Thing with this movie and all of the previous ones as well, is that it knows that its bad. Especially also the actors seem to be very well aware of this. Because of this, the movie never gets awkward but simply enjoyable to watch instead.

Now, the whole idea of the movie itself is quite stretched out however. The characters for the longest time are very busy with a whole bunch of stuff, expect for trying to find and kill the dinosaur. The movie too often really isn't going anywhere with its story, or any of its characters. Still, this doesn't make the movie annoying or anything. Just a tad bit ridicules but it strangely enough adds to the movie its entertainment value at the same time.

The action and killings are being somewhat disappointing but then again, I wasn't expecting too much from it anyway. After all, the entire series isn't exactly known for its creativity and originality.

It's watchable enough as a B-movie flick but it of course is far from being a great movie as well!


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