This is a truly exceptional and special movie, in about every way imaginable.

The style, the story, the acting, the directing approach by Costa-Gavras and way of storytelling. It's all what makes this movie a great watch and perhaps also atypical for a French production, of its time.

The overall style of the movie is what you could describe as a typical '70's style. The same goes for its approach and way of storytelling. The thing that we now consider to be a typical '70's style is a style that already started first out in the late '60's, which this movie is also a part of.

It's a political movie, which might sound very boring to some but trust me, this is a far from boring movie. It's far too fast going and captivating for that. The entire movie also feels so extremely realistic, that it made me wonder if it got based on true events, which actually turned out to be the case. It's based on a Greek incident, were a democratic politician got attacked and murdered, by right-wing extremists, after giving an anti-war speech. The same thing happens in this movie and is what the entire movie is centered around.

The movie doesn't necessarily have one main character, which was an interesting and unusual choice, that however worked out very well for the movie, as it turned out. Instead of just following one character, it follows a whole bunch of them, each involved with the incident. The one is trying to investigate, the other is trying to cover it up, while another is trying to avoid getting caught and another and simply suffering from the consequences of the incident. It shows the events leading up to the incident and afterward, from many different angles, which gives the movie of course a lot of depth and multiple layers and is also part of the reason why this movie gets such a great and intriguing one to watch.

Something that is also really worth mentioning and helps to make the movie, is its musical score by Mikis Theodorakis!

An absolute must-see, at the very least for every movie lover!


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