Having a good subject often already is half of the work, for any documentary. This movie has a pretty good and intriguing subject, that besides does a good job at exploring and dissecting its subject thoroughly, from as many different angles as possible.

It's not simply a documentary that tries to tell things as they happened but also one that goes deeper into things and explores the background of those involved. It gives the documentary multiple layers and also plenty of depth.

It's one that shows how acts have consequences and how a vicious circle can have great consequences, when it keeps spiraling down. It perfectly shows the situation in Brazil at the time and puts the finger on the sore spots. It criticizes but without condemning anyone. It's a real fair documentary in about every way imaginable; to the police, to the hostages, to the hostage taker and everybody in between, that was in one way or another linked to the events or to the people involved with it. It tries to create an understanding for all of the different sides involved and most of the time it succeeds at this.

It's what makes this a very compelling documentary, that is giving you a lot of inside information and makes you look differently at this particular event and maybe just even crime and violence in general and the involvement of the media.

It's a documentary that uses both real archive footage of the hostage situation as well as freshly shot interviews with some of the people involved. There is a good balance between these two different things and the archive footage strengthens the interviews and vice versa as well.

It doesn't really mater if you already were familiar with the subject of this movie or not. If you weren't; it's giving you all of the information you need and if you were; it's giving you lots of new stuff to ponder about and perhaps makes you even look at it differently, even if you already had a very strong, preset, opinion towards it.

Simply a good documentary that handles its subject very well and interesting.


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