It's a Vincent Gallo movie, so of course it's going to be something different and original. Not that it's anything too pretentious or overly artistic but it just is different from what you are probably accustomed to seeing. Different can be good at times, when it works, as is luckily the case with this particular movie.

Thing is that the movie its different and also unusual approach, makes this movie a very original one. It's not really a movie with a particular good script but the movie still manages to grab you and hold your interest, throughout. A real accomplishment by Vincent Gallo, who directed, wrote and played the main character in this movie.

It's a pretty intriguing little movie, that deliberately keeps things small and simple. No overcomplicated plot, no over-the-top characters (well, only for comedy reasons maybe), no sentimental fake drama. It feels like a very honest and straightforward movie, which was really the main reason why I got taken by it and also really liked watching the movie.

Vincent Gallo must have some pretty good connection, since he always manages to get some pretty big name actors in his movie, even while his movies are always quite small and low-budget ones. In this movie, people like Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara, Anjelica Huston and Mickey Rourke make their appearances. A pretty good cast list, which a lot of filmmakers would love to work with.

It's not a must-see in any way but it simply is a good movie!


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