Really, it's important to say that I actually was a big fan of all of the previous American Pie movies but this latest establishment did absolutely nothing for me!

The first "American Pie" movie, made back in 1999, was one that changed the genre, or at least sort of brought back the teenage sex comedies, by making it fun and daring again. The series, in my opinion, continued in good form, until this movie. Out of all the American Pie movies, this is the absolute most redundant and less innovative one.

It's maybe also partly because of it that ever since the first "American Pie" movie, tons of similar movies got made and the bar got actually raised- and the genre reinvented again by a couple of other genre movies. This movie does absolutely nothing to try to raise the bar again, or become a relevant movie within its genre. Or maybe I'm just getting too old for these sort of movies and type of comedies but I highly doubt that, since I actually do like to watch genre movies like this one, from time to time, such as most recently "Project X", for instance.

The main premise itself actually sounded quite good and promising; having a reunion with all of the characters from the first movie in it, 13 years after the first movie and 9 years after "American Wedding". But the thing is; the movie does absolutely nothing with its concept.

I don't feel that any the characters have progressed at all. They are still all the same and don't look to have matured very much. It would had been interesting to see how their lives progressed and eventually ended up all but the movie really doesn't know how to handle this. What's the point of having the characters look back, while they haven't changed one bit. It already makes the main idea and concept of the movie an incredibly flawed one but there are far more problems with this movie.

It just simply isn't a very well written or made movie. One of other problems with its story is that it wants to have far too many subplots in it. It also makes a movie called "American Reunion" shockingly little about an actual reunion. It doesn't even ever look or feel that some of these guys hadn't seen each other for years. It's just the same old, same old, with as a difference that we get to see a bunch of 30-year old's doing teenage stuff, which isn't all that compelling or tasteful, in my opinion. It certainly also makes the comedy of this movie more lacking as well.

And because the movie tries to focus on so many characters and their story lines, none of them ever work out well enough. The movie doesn't develop or resolve any of them properly or satisfying enough, while the movie obviously did had some good ideas in it.

Another thing with this movie is that you first need to have seen at least the very first movie. This is not a standalone movie. It very much is a sequel that relies a lot on it that its viewers are already familiar with all of the characters and what happened to them in the previous movies. It actually is important to watch the previous three movie, just prior to this one, or else you will miss a lot. Literally almost every character from the first "American Pie" movie pops up into this one, even if it's for just a couple of seconds. And even while I was a big fan of the first movies, I had absolutely no idea any more who all of these people were, or why they were relevant for this movie at all.

A disappointment really and that is coming from a person who loved the first American Pie movies!


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  1. The original gang is back and still have the comedic timing they did 13 years ago, which is always fun no matter what. There isn’t anything new or special about this entry into the series but for anyone who wants some nice 1999 nostalgia, then this is the perfect fit. Good review Frank. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the last two “main” sequels this series has had.