Sometimes it's quite surprising to find out about a movie that no one has ever told you off before but turns out to be a real hidden treasure. "My Favorite Year" is a more than great comedy, that is fun, as well as funny to watch.

Key to what makes this a great movie to watch, is that it's being a fun one throughout. It's a fast going, snappy comedy, that doesn't necessarily force or exaggerate its comedy, to any extreme forms. It's playing things more subtly and more often relies on its dialog and actors, rather than on any comical situations. It makes the movie very pleasant and likable, also because it manages to maintain its good quick pace throughout its entire running time.

The story really doesn't matter all that much for this movie, other than taking the characters from the one place and situation to the other. I'm not saying that it isn't any good but to me it just wasn't important for what this movie was all about and trying to do. Even the weaker moments in this movie and its story still work out well, thanks to its characters and the actors portraying them.

Peter O'Toole plays Errol Flynn, even though his character is named differently in the movie. But he is Flynn and even plays some of the sequences out of some classic Errol Flynn movies. This all was great fun to watch and his presence truly adds a lot to this movie as well. He's perfectly classy and often despicable at the same time. But Mark Linn-Baker was also truly great! Whatever went wrong with his career? He was not only a great comedy actor but simply just a great actor in general as well.

The movie has a more old fashioned type of comedy vibe to it, like a '40's production, which is also the time period this movie is being set in (well, the '50's but still), so it's no big surprise or a coincidence all. If you are a fan of these type of snappy and screwball like comedies, from the '40's mostly, changes are you will also absolutely love this movie as well!

Anyway, this movie is an extremely fun and recommendable one, for everybody!


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