This is not an horrible movie by any means but it still does some stuff wrong, which prevents this movie from ever becoming a truly compelling or effective one.

One of the problems with this movie is that is doesn't always manages to find a right balance between its drama and thriller/horror aspects. The entire movie is being buildup like a slow moving, family-drama, with at times simply some thriller and horror elements thrown into it. You feel that the movie would had been better if it went for one simple approach instead; either as a drama or as a thriller/horror but not a combination of these different genres.

The movie also never becomes all that interesting or compelling to watch because of that. It's not being effective enough in any way. Not with its story, not with its tension/mystery and not with its characters.

Because the movie is getting told so slowly, like you could expect of course from a good old fashioned Swedish production, the movie becomes even somewhat less interesting to watch. Also because some of the moments within it feel stretched out and at times the movie could had gotten to its point earlier. The movie does drag a little at certain points and it feels a bit overlong, even while its being only 103 minutes short.

You still have to give the movie some credit of course. It was an obvious low budget production but this doesn't ever become anything distracting or something that can take you out of the movie at times. It still is a skilfully made movie, with both lots of great people behind- and in front of the camera involved.

And please don't watch this movie for Peter Stormare, or when you expect to see a lot of him in this. He plays a secondary character, that isn't an awful lot this movie. It looks like all of his scenes got shot within a day or maybe two but still its good to see him in this of course. He obviously doesn't see himself as too big or important to play in a little movie from his native country as well.

It's really nothing too bad. Just something I can't rate very highly.


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