Of course this movie is not a great one but you need to see it in its perspective. Within its genre this movie still simply remains a good and original watch, that will most definitely please most of the Italian horror movie lovers out there.

To me, this was a movie that was all about its atmosphere. It's a pretty odd movie to look at and follow but it's all very captivating. The entire movie had a dream like feeling and look to it, which was something I particularly liked about this movie.

The story...well, it's all very secondary to the movie really. It's all about the way it gets presented and looks. The story in itself is nothing special really, or anything that makes you care about the movie, or for any of the characters that are in it. It's also quite slow moving at times and it definitely takes its time with some of its moments. Not that I minded this very much though. It actually added to the moody and hypnotic atmosphere and style of the overall movie.

Horror-wise, this movie is also being very typical for an Italian '70's production, meaning that it's also a quite sleazy at times, in terms of its nudity and female characters. I still always amazes me that vampire movies so often have an erotic, lesbian undertone to it. It's not a movie with any scares in it but it's one that constantly builds- and relies on its atmosphere instead, which is something perfectly dark, Gothic and weird, in a good and original way.

Something that is also really worth mentioning is its musical score by Vasili Kojucharov. No idea who this guy was but his music almost sounded too good and classical for a movie of this sort.

It's true that you need to be into the genre to fully appreciate it but to me it was a great, atmospheric, little Italian genre film.


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