So glad to see that this movie did basically nothing wrong. I had my fears and doubts about it, I mean, so many big superheroes in one movie, isn't that like having too many captains on one ship? But no, everything I feared for got greatly and cleverly handled in the movie and I liked it even far better than expected.

The movie simply made all of the right choices it seemed. It used the best elements from the Iron Man movies, "Thor", "Captain America: The First Avenger" and the Hulk movies. Not only that, it also used the best of its main characters. Everybody of course has their own set of skills, powers and specialties, which greatly get used in the movie. Everybody gets to do something and gets about as much screen time as the other. Many people thought that Tony Stark/Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr., would steal the show and get most of the screen time, since his character is the best and most fun one. But no, every hero gets their moment of glory in this movie and their moment to fully shine, even those without the superpowers, such as Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury, played by Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson.

But if you would force me to point out one person that gets to shine the most in this movie, it would be the Hulk, played this time by Mark Ruffalo. You have never seen the Hulk do so much awesome stuff and he also definitely comes across as the most powerful one of the bunch.

It's so awesome and a true accomplishment that they actually pulled it off to get all of these characters and actors together for this one movie. Lots of characters from the Iron Man movies, "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" reprise their roles in this movie, which makes all of the movies feel more connected than ever before.

It's also a real accomplishment that they managed to keep the same style and tone throughout the entire movie. This also caused Iron Man to not take over the movie for instance, with his wisecracking jokes, or Thor with his old fashioned, Shakespeare-like, dialog. The entire movie feels like one big whole, even when its purely focusing on just one of its main characters.

I also really loved the interaction between all of the characters. They don't all like each other and some are even somewhat suspicious of each other. A true ego-clash if you will, which also results at times the different superheroes battling each other. This is the sort of stuff that I'm sure of lots of fan-boys and girls wanted to see.

It also was a great move to make Loki the main villain of this movie. He was the best villain, in all of the Marvel superhero movies, in my opinion, so personally I was very glad to see him return, in such a big role again. And yes, every superhero has a go at him at one point in this movie, which again, is something that fan-boys and girls will be drooling at, especially since it's all something truly great and spectacular to watch.

And it really is a spectacular movie. Basically it's being like non-stop, action fun and the movie it's final perhaps is the best and most spectacular one you are ever likely to see. Truly some intense and awesome stuff to watch, when all of the superheroes for the very first time truly work as a time and battle side by side with each other. Stuff that will give some people goosebumps for sure, also because it's filmed so extremely well, with the help of some great looking special effects as well.

But how about the story? well, it's nothing too great or original but this hardly harms the movie. It's all about its main characters coming together and teaming up for the first time, on film. Really, the story is totally secondary and most of the time you wont even pay attention to it, since there is so much else good stuff going on screen! Joss Whedon did a more than great job with directing this movie.

This is basically how great, fun, spectacular, big budget, entertainment should be like!


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