This is a mocumentary that tries to present itself as a real documentary. It genuinely wanted to fool people at the time, even while it all was obviously fake, which makes this a bit of an annoying movie experience at times.

Quite frankly I really can't see how anyone could every think that this was a real documentary. The acting by the film-makers, who all play themselves, is absolutely horrendous and the movie too often features some ridicules moments in it. It just didn't ever worked for me as anything fun to watch, even though it was supposed to be sort of tongue-in-cheek.

Perhaps this simply was fun little project to do for Werner Herzog and Zak Penn but it's lacking a bit of bite and a point to it. It could had made some sort of interesting statement about truth and fiction in movies and our perception of it but it basically does little to nothing with this concept. It's not provoking, it's not fun enough. In my opinion it's nothing more but a failed experiment.

Not like I hated watching this movie but it was simply lacking a good point to it all and there is no way that I'll ever be seeing it again.


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