This is an absolute timeless comedy and a real trend setter, that has always been one of my favorite comedies to watch.

One of the marks of a great comedy is when it can keep you laughing, even when you already know what is coming and going to happen. I have already seen this movie countless times and know most of it by heart already but it can still really make me laugh out loud, every time I see it. You just never grow tired of it! Also when you see this movie for the first time, you'll probably see some of the jokes coming from miles away already but this really doesn't make them any less funny or effective, in any way.

There are lots of comedies like this one, that just fire jokes at you, at an almost nonstop rate but it is very rare that at least 90% of those jokes works out as well, as is the case with this movie. A truly great comical achievement, that also can be seen as the father/mother of all spoofs.

I'm not sure that all new and young viewers will get this but this movie is actually being a spoof of the disaster movie genre, which was very popular, mostly during the entire '70's period. There were lots of movies as well, in which planes got in trouble, for all crazy sort of reasons. This movie pretty much follows the same sort of story and characters, only by making fun of it this time, as well as all of its clich├ęs. But even when you won't 'get' this, it really doesn't matter all too much, since the story remains simply an absolute hilarious one.

The comedy of the movie is actually quite absurd and you might even call it lame and childish. It's often very simplistic and can be seen as a combination of old fashioned slapstick, lots of visual jokes, comical dialog, crazy characters and a silly nonsense story.

It's also the first movie to feature Leslie Nielsen in a comedic role. Quite hard to believe that he once was a serious actor, since he grew out to become the king of spoofs. And let me tell you that he is also absolutely hilarious in his role. But that pretty much goes for every actor in this movie, simply because the material they are given to work with is so great and just spot on.

The timing, the buildup, the execution, it provides this movie with more than just a couple of laughs and memorable comedy moments. It's an almost nonstop laugh riot, that won't make you chuckle but actually laugh out loud, no matter how many times you have seen it already.


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