Let me start off with using a lame pun: This shark movie is lacking bite. Alright, now that's out of the way, lets focus on what's so terribly wrong with this movie.

To be frank, I don't really know where to begin. I don't even necessarily think this movie had a bad story in it but it's more the way it's getting handled and executed all, that makes this such a poor film to watch.

You would think that a movie involving sharks would at least be something tense. But no, let me tell you that this movie is an absolutely boring one. It's slow moving, though it strangely enough still sees itself as a tense action/thriller. Literly every scene in this movie is at least 10 seconds too long, as if the director was afraid to yell out 'cut!'. It not only makes the movie unnecessarily slow but also stretched out, overlong and just plain boring.

Another thing that heavily annoyed me about this movie were its characters. They are far from likable enough and their motivations are just plain weird and even constantly keep changing throughout this movie, which makes it all far from a credible one.

Of course the movie does still feature some shark action in but I actually remember very little about them, even though I just finished watching this movie a couple of minutes ago. The shark scene's are mostly being very dark and I had no idea what was happening at times because. But it's also because this movie made me zone out a lot because it was being such an uninteresting that was hard to feel involved with, in any way or form.

The movie also constantly uses the same type of music throughout its entire running time. Also during its action sequences, which definitely sounded completely out of place and made all of its action and tense moments work out all the more ineffective.

This movie is mostly being an excuse for Halle Berry to show off her body again but really, is that all you can do now days in movies Miss Berry?

There is no reason why you should ever watch this movie.


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