It's normal for sequels to be inferior to its predecessors but I must say that the last couple of years sequels are only getting better and better and every so often also pass the original.

That's also the case with "Wrath of the Titans", that is a sequel to the 2010 movie "Clash of the Titans". "Clash of the Titans" had all sorts of problems in it and while "Wrath of the Titans" is far from a flawless movie, it still is an improvement over the first movie.

This movie was at least more focused with its story, which made it a more pleasant movie to follow. It's still not like I has a solid story in it and I didn't even really always knew what was going on exactly in it but it at least flows well and helps to make this movie a fun and mindless, action packed, blockbuster.

It has a bigger budget than its predecessor but yet it doesn't look bigger or more expensive, which is only a positive thing to say really. It means that this movie has less tendencies to show off with some big action set pieces or CGI created creatures. Everything that happens in this movie fits better into its story and more often than not, serves a purpose within it as well. Besides, it looks as if this movie spend more of its budget on its set designs and other visual aspects, beside its special effects.

Nevertheless, it remains still obvious that the foremost reason as to why this movie was such an expensive one to make was due to its special effects. But it all paid off! The special effects for the movie are simply great and help to make this movie often a spectacular and entertaining one.

It also still would had been so much better if it actually was a more involving movie to watch. It never gets you a true sense of excitement or tension because you don't ever feel involved enough with any of its events or characters.

I like that Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes get to do a bit more in this movie at times and don't just show up randomly every now and then, like still was the case with the first movie. They serve a more important purpose but still their roles aren't much bigger really. It's still somewhat disappointing seeing Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes in this and the movie doing far too little with those two. Especially when you have an actor such as Ralph Fiennes playing a villainous role, you should definitely exploit this as a movie and do something more and better with it.

The movie besides Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Sam Worthington, features mostly new characters and actors in it. And some of the actors and characters are a true welcome addition. Rosamund Pike and Bill Nighy are being the most notable ones.

Really, it's not a bad movie or one that I hated watching. I still can't rate it very highly, simply because it's just nothing too great or involving to watch either. Anyway, chances are you will probably still end up liking it more than not.


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