Even though I have seen sort of similar movies, you could still really call this movie an original and special one.

It's a movie that I foremost liked for its subtlety. The way it's build up is absolutely great. It's often a slowly progressing movie, with still plenty going on in it. The movie manages really well to create a sense of mystery and tension, since you never really know what direction the story will be heading into. It's a movie that is actually mostly being build up and constructed as a drama but it has lots of different thriller elements thrown into it as well. All of these thriller elements actually work out so well because the movie is getting told and being constructed as a not everyday- or ordinary thriller.

The movie has plenty of twists in it and mostly leaves you guessing till the end, what the true motives and plans of certain characters are. This ensures that the movie is a great one to watch, from still till finish. Well, almost!

During its last half hour, or so, the movie was kind of starting to loose me. It was going a bit overboard with certain aspects, which went at the expense of some of the movie its credibility. I didn't mind its twist or developments but I did minded the way they were getting handled. For me it was a bit too much and not really in tone with the rest of the movie.

Visually its a great looking movie. It's shot completely in black & white, which does truly add a lot to its atmosphere. Besides, the cinematography is done by perhaps one of the best cinematographers of all time Douglas Slocombe. It's also an incredibly detailed looking movie. It's almost an artistic one at times, with its complexity of certain shots. Perhaps you won't even notice all of it on your first viewing, simply because you're wrapped up too much into its story.

Its a quite small and simplistic British production but this only once again proofs that all, that you foremost need, to make a good movie with, is a good and interesting main concept and a well written script. It also helps, in this particular case, that it has some pretty good actors involved. Dirk Bogarde plays a beautiful dark role. James Fox is also really good, who is better known for the roles later in his career.

Despite its, in my opinion, weaker final 30 minutes, it still is a movie I can truly recommend!


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