You have some bad movies and then you also have some REALLY bad movies. And my, oh my, is this movie bad.

I really am not a person that calls every bad movie awful or laugh at- or make fun of these sort of movies. I respect movies and the film-making process too much for that but let me tell you, some movies are even too much for me to take. I couldn't believe the stuff this movie was doing, which was absolutely nothing!

This is one of those movies that got shot without a real budget behind it, which means that the movie can do very little else than letting a bunch of people sit around in a room and talk to each other, for almost the movie its entire duration. This would had been fine, if any of the characters were any interesting, or had some depth to them. Or if any of the dialog was any good and there was some real tension throughout the entire movie. Really none of this was the case however!

The story and the dialog are both awful! The premise is really ridicules and flawed and doesn't ever has enough suspense to it. I can see what this movie was trying to do still. It was trying to be a "The Andromeda Strain" like movie, in which a virus from Mars(!) got accidentally released on a bunch of folks at a railroad station, who have to remain in quarantine at the station because of that. For some odd reason they also shouldn't fall asleep, or else their head will explode. No, I'm not making this up, this is really the entire story of this movie. But instead of trying to be busy with finding a solution or any good ways to stay awake, they talk about- and do absolutely nothing.

All of the movie its scenes are extremely stretched out and they just go on and on, with its awful dialog. Half way through I was really starting to get worried about it whether I could finish watching this movie or not, since it starting to become true endurance test for me. The movie is really literally starting to go nowhere after a while and remains stuck in first gear, right till its very end.

It really gets made all the more worse by its incompetent people, both in front and behind the camera. It's an awfully bad looking movie, with cheap sets and bad camera-work but what is still the most annoying are its horrible actors. Really not a single person in this movie is likable enough and because of both their horrible personalities and actors portraying them, the characters all work out horribly.

This is truly a movie that started out as a bad one already but rapidly started to become an even more and more worse one for me.


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