This wasn't really the movie I was looking for but oh well, I finished watching it, so I might as well do a review for it.

Make no mistake about it, this is a porno, meaning that it has lots of fake moaning and the same sexual positions over and over again in it. Not really something that makes me happy but it is what it is and still serves its purpose well enough, as a typical porn-flick.

Of course you shouldn't really be looking for a story in these sort of movies but what still annoys me is that this movie is trying to follow a story but at the same time it is completely ignoring it as well. All this movie is, is basically the one sexual encounter after the other. People are going at each other for no real apparent reason. It are all silly fantasies and have nothing to do with the real world or any form of reality.

Besides, it's just all more of the same, over and over again, only with often different people each time. While watching this I realized how boring it must be to work in the porn industry. You are constantly doing the same thing over and over again, without any true apparent enjoyment or creativity involved. Seriously, these sort of movies could benefit a lot from just a tiny bit of creativity and true originality but it seems as if all these directors use the same familiar settings and sex scenes, as if they are all working with the same script.

But like I said, it is what it is and you can't really blame this sort of movie for not doing anything new or creative. It's here to serve a specific purpose and for some people this will be a very 'helpful' and effective movie that way. I just can't rate it very high because of the apparent and earlier mentioned reasons.


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