No, this movie is not as bad as some people are trying to make you believe but it most certainly is not a great movie either.

It is a problem that the movie just isn't a very original or engaging one. Nothing in this movie happens as a real surprise and it progresses basically just as you would predict. This also causes the movie feel overlong, which also makes this movie a bit of a bore at times, especially when it just keeps dragging on, with some of its plot lines.

It's a drama, really written as a drama, which means that the emotions and dramatic events often feel forced and far from likely. You could call the movie a bit of a melodrama, especially during all of the scenes with the young kind (who can't act by the way) and when there is constantly overly dramatic music playing in the background, which totally took me out of the movie, more than a couple of times.

But what perhaps is more annoying is that I just don't know what story this movie is trying to tell and what for a kind of message it is trying to send out. It's OK to cheat on your fiancée? Really, this is the only thing that kept going through my head all of the time. Perhaps it would had been more or less OK if the fiancée was a person who just didn't really seemed to suit him, or who was mean, holding him back from going forward in his life, or cheating on him, all the time. But none of this was the case. They seemed to have a good thing going, until Thandie Newton steps into the picture.

Stuff like this also doesn't make the main characters very likable or engaging ones. You also just don't ever feel their emotions or understand their needs. No matter how hard the actors try to be taken serious, the movie and the character just never work out as such. It doesn't help that the movie has some absolutely horrendous and simplistic dialog in it at times.

But still, I really didn't hated watching this movie. It's still well made (aside from its editing at times), despite probably not having the biggest of budgets. There just still isn't enough in this movie for me to love it but also still not enough to totally hate on it.


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