Let me just say I had absolutely no idea what this movie was about, before I watched it. It was rather surprising to find out this was being an old fashioned, slower type of samurai movie, with homosexual themes weaved into it.

You could say the movie is being a bit of a lackluster and also lacks an epic or spectacular type of vibe to it but then again, this totally wasn't the sort of approach that the movie was going for. Some people will appreciate this movie even all the more for that fact that is a slower type of movie, that focuses on its characters and their dynamics and its surprising themes.

It was good to see a modern samurai movie, that wasn't taking a modern movie approach. You could even say that the movie takes a more sort of Akira Kurosawa approach to its storytelling and film-making. Still this would had been a better movie if it actually got made a couple of decades earlier. That way the movie would had made a far greater impact with its story and themes that are all in it.

Now the movie just doesn't ever come across as anything provoking. It's still original but not really a movie that made a great impact on me, with any of themes and emotions. It's definitely a maintaining and special little movie but in my book really not a must-see.

Perhaps it would had been if it had a more interesting main plot line in it. Instead now the movie is meandering on with its different character plot lines, instead of purely focusing on one story and one eventual goal, with all of it. It's not like the story is not focused but I would had simply preferred it if there was a more clear main plot line in it.

Definitely a watchable and original genre movie, that is worth giving a go, despite of all my criticism.


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