It's really a shame. This movie seemed to have a good and original concept for a romantic movie but it completely drops the ball.

The movie is truly suffering from some poor storytelling. First of all, it really doesn't know how to set its story up properly. Throughout the movie more and more stuff comes to light, which we just have to take for granted but it would had been so much better if the movie had shown some of these things earlier on in the movie already. For instance, apparently the Rachel McAdams character had a problem and falling out with here parents, which we don't learn about until half way through the movie, when it suddenly starts to become an important plot point. Why isn't this ever mentioned or shown earlier on already? It are little things like this that constantly bugged me and completely took me out of the movie. The movie keeps coming up with stuff to simply add to its drama, which does not feel natural at all.

I also just don't ever feel the love between its two main characters. Perhaps it would had been a better move to build up more slowly toward its changing point, which now occurs far too early on in the movie already and more time should had been spend on showing the Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams character being truly in love and happy with each other.

Instead now its main concept, which involves amnesia, more often works out as something annoying and far from likely, even though this movie is based on a true story apparently. But really, you shouldn't blame the story but more so its storytelling for this all really.

And like I said, the two main characters really don't have enough chemistry together. Just when I thought Channing Tatum was starting to get better as an actor, I see him doing some truly horrendous stuff in this movie. This guy simply isn't suitable for romantic movies. He doesn't have enough charisma and he is not very good at showing or handling any emotions. It also really doesn't make him a very likable guy, to watch on screen, for over a 100 minutes. And no matter how hard Rachel McAdams tries at times, the love between them just never comes across as anything true and convincing enough.

Also quite odd to suddenly see Sam Neill appear in this. Where has he been all those years? He is a welcome addition to the cast, as is Jessica Lange but their roles are too small to make a real impact on this movie.

A movie that really doesn't work out well because it doesn't know how to handle its concept.


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