Well, surprise, surprise. This movie was much better than I could had ever anticipated. It's definitely a better movie than its cast and premise might suggest to you.

Not all comedies are made to make you laugh out loud. Sometimes a comedy can also be simply sweet and heartfelt and make you feel joyful inside. And this is a comedy that goes more for a that sort of approach. And really, while this was not a movie that made me laugh out loud, this was still one that was a true joy to watch, from basically start till finish because of that.

Seriously, don't let the premise of the movie scare you off. For me this was not a movie about birding at all. It's simply a movie about living your dream and about doing what you want, no matter what your age or background is. And it's not only a movie that shows you the good sides of this but also definitely the downsides. I thought this was a quite admirable thing for the movie to do.

Because of all of its themes and the interactions between the many different characters, this movie manages to become a real warm and heartfelt one. In that regard this movie is perhaps more effective as a drama than as a comedy really. But having said that, I'm still glad they went for a comedic approach of film-making, since it suits its premise and also obviously all of the actors who are in it.

Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin are all 3 comedic actors, who are all surprising good in their roles. Really, if you are not all that fond of any of those 3 guys, chances still are you are going to like them in this movie, since they are all holding back and are playing a more sort of human characters.

Really a movie worth having a go at! It might surprise you with how good and likable it actually is.


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