This is a very likable and intriguing movie to watch but man, is it odd as well!

To be frank, I couldn't really always follow the story but I also can't say I cared all too much about it. This is a movie that is all about its atmosphere and in that regard this is still a good and also certainly unique movie to watch.

Nothing in this movie ever feels as if it's taking place in the real world. It has a surreal kind of feeling to it, all throughout and the movie feels more like a sort of dark fairy tale. It has an almost Alice in Wonderland-gone dark kind of vibe to it but not really the budget to pull it all off. It's still a low-key and cheap little movie with still plenty of good and original ideas in it though.

I can see how people can be taken by its atmosphere and why some people consider this to be one great and scary horror movie! It has some real classic horror ingredients in it, which actually seem to be taken from the more old fashioned type of horror productions, from the 1930's. It wasn't exactly scary in my book but I still was very fond of the movie its atmosphere and oddness.

The overall movie is still a bit too strange though, with all of its characters, storytelling and the story itself. A better, or more clear, main plot line would had helped this movie a lot. It would had given the movie more focus and a more clear point to it all.

It's still a perfectly watchable movie but not really one everybody should rush out to see right now. Just watch it when you get the chance. Chances are you might end up really liking it, since it's still clearly something unique, even almost 40 years later now.


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