This movie is very easy to like. It's foreign, it's independent, about poverty and kids living on the streets and with actors in it that seem to be non-professionals. It's the sort of movie film festivals will love to show and while I have no problem at all with this sort of movies, I have to be fair and say that this movie really wasn't all that special to watch.

It's not making a big or important enough impact with anything. If this movie wanted to show the hard life of Moroccan kids, living on the streets in the big city, this movie surely failed at that. It's really not showing all that much of the problems and difficulties and this movie also surely isn't providing any answers or solutions to anything. You would expect this movie to make a statement about at least something but it really doesn't ever do so.

But also if the movie wanted to be like a random slice of life, it just isn't a good enough movie. The characters aren't all that interesting or likable and the story is lacking any good or interesting developments. There is no real conflict in this movie and after finishing it, you just don't have the feeling at all, that any of the characters had gone through any transition or anything for any of them had changed. You could say that it's a movie about nothing and it's going nowhere really. Or at least nowhere interesting or compelling enough.

I must admit that it was also mostly due to the actors that I just could never really get into the movie. To be frank, they were quite horrible at times. I'm pretty sure of it that non of these kids were actors and none of them had any form of experience yet. They mostly annoyed me, while the kids were still supposed to be the heart and center of the movie and it was important to really like them and care about them.

It's not a horrible movie, or a terribly done one but it just is one that isn't doing anything good or interesting with its story and its a lacking a good main premise, drama, characters and emotions. Really nothing all that special, though some people still obviously love it.


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