To be honest, I wasn't hating on this movie at first, till I realized after a while that the story was absolutely going nowhere, the characters remained incredibly flat and the movie had absolutely no sense of excitement or tension in it.

Seriously, I can't even tell you what this movie is all about, since it has such a weakly present story in it, that doesn't even seem all that important. Basically all the movie does is showing the one shootout or action scene after the other, with in between some horrendous dialog and acting by its non-actors. It's about some sort of terrorist plot but you never get a sense of true urgency and danger, so the movie also just can't ever let you care enough about it.

Perhaps I would had still cared slightly about it all, if there were some good or likable enough characters in it. But I don't even know who is who in this movie or who is supposed to be the main character throughout. They are also all incredibly flat and I couldn't have cared less about any of them. Great that they are being played by real life Navy SEALS but what does it add? Absolulty nothing to the characters or sense of realism of this movie. On the contrary quite really, since most of them can't act at all, which only brings the movie more down.

It also was obviously not an all that expensive movie to make. Sometimes it's actually a real cheap looking B-movie, with especially some bad special effects. action-wise there is still plenty to enjoy, which still somewhat saves this movie but having some decent action is not enough to make a decent movie with as well.

I do admit that if you leave your brain at the door, there is still plenty to enjoy about this movie. But as a movie itself it is far too lacking, on basically every department.

You are still way better off playing a video game yourself, something this movie obviously tried to be too much like itself.


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