A serious missed opportunity. The will and the money seemed to be there but this movie just never quite works out as a good or even all that enjoyable porn version of the Bram Stoker Dracula story.

I call it a porn version of the Dracula story but only because the movie has the title "Dracula" really. It doesn't at all follow the Bram Stoker story and Dracula himself is even hardly in this movie at all. As a matter of fact, this movie has very little to do with vampires or horror. It still does follow a story, I at least I assume it does. It really isn't anything all that involving or amusing to follow.

Of course these sort of movies are all about it sex scenes though. Problem is that isn't being very creative with any of them and the movie is constantly repeating itself and also in a real messy way. I hate it when all of the sex scenes aren't incorporated into the story very well. They just happen. Sometimes they happen after every minute, while at others you have to wait for at least 5. There is no real pleasant flow to the movie and it all feels very messy, as if it good shot without a real script even.

It's all so weird, since definitely some time and effort got obviously put into this movie. It's the sort of movie that has some convincing costumes and sets in it but it all makes you wonder why, since it doesn't ever does anything original or creative with it at all.

Oh well, at least Ron Jeremy is still in it. I keep saying this but this guy is actually quite amusing and has a great natural talent for comedy. His role is also quite big. I would even say he plays the lead male role in this, even though he is not first billed.

Obviously really not the best or most effective blend of porn and classic horror that I have ever seen.


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