This is one of those very typical modern action flicks you could easily do without. It's certainly not bad but it most certainly isn't great or very memorable either.

The one thing I still did really liked this movie for, was its rawness. It's a very raw shot and feeling movie, in which the action is mostly being realistic, instead of very over-the-top or spectacular. And yes, the action moments are definitely the highlight of the movie and the one thing that makes this movie still worthwhile. It is very obvious that director Daniel Espinosa had watched a lot of Tony Scott movies. But just like most Tony Scott movies, this one is very mediocre.

You could like the movie for- and say it is being original for not having really a clear main good and bad guy in it. Basically nobody in this movie is fully good, which also provides the movie with a couple of twists and surprises, in its story. You are constantly torn between who to pick sides with; the Denzel Washington or the Ryan Reynolds character, who are in a cat and mouse game together and have about an equal amount of screen time. I however would in this case preferred it if there was a more clear good guy and a truly evil and obvious bad guy because now you don't really know who to really root for. This really doesn't make this movie the most involving one.

You are also really never getting into the story because of that. It besides just simply doesn't have a very interesting or original story to begin with. It really also isn't told in the most intriguing way and the movie actually more often comes across as messy and hard to follow. Or maybe this is just because I really couldn't care about anything that was happening in it.

The actors still know to add to the movie though. Denzel Washington always has been great in these type of roles and Ryan Reynolds is also OK enough, just never really all that likable. It also has a solid supporting cast with actors such as Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Liam Cunningham and Robert Patrick involved. Just don't expect anything too great from them though, since all of their roles are quite limited.

All in all, really nothing too bad but it still remains a movie you could very easily do without ever seeing.


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