Well, this is sort of awkward. I did like this movie but I just don't know why really. Or perhaps that's simply the whole thing with this movie. You have to take it- and experience it for what it is and make up your own mind about it. Basically everybody will get something totally different out of this movie. There is no real way you can misinterpret things really, since there is not just one simple way you should be interpreting it all. And who knows, maybe you'll even get something totally different out of this movie, each time you'll watch it.

The movie is probably now sounding very artistic and extreme to you but in fact it remains a perfectly accessible movie, since it isn't ever getting pretentious about- or with anything. It let things just happen in this movie and it doesn't ever get deep or philosophical about it but it instead lets you fill in the blanks for yourself.

It's a movie with a pleasant pace to it and some good storytelling. It's a drama, romance and science-fiction movie and really, all of those elements are greatly present in this movie and are getting combined very naturally and effectively.

You could perhaps dislike the movie for not making everything clear to you. I'll admit that I also was often waiting for the movie to start to make its point clear. It's obviously a movie that wants to carry out a message to the world but I'm not sure about it yet if it was supposed to be a positive or cynical one. The movie is both things really but overall I personally still got a real positive vibe from it, despite of all of the drama and desperation in this movie.

It's a bleak and simple shot movie, which I think, suited the movie and its main premise really well. It even gave the movie a sense of realism, which is also thanks to its well written characters and actors playing them.

Ewan McGregor and Eva Green are a convincing young couple and they play well off each other. I still wish Eva Green would be appearing in more and different movies than this one. She should have already been a big star by now but it looks like she is being very picky about what movies to appear in and she also doesn't always make the right choices. Oh well, luckily she by now has 2 big projects coming up, a Tim Burton movie and the sequel (or prequel?) to "300", so maybe her career will still turn out alright after all.

But ultimately it really doesn't matter what I, or anyone else, thinks or says about this movie. It's simple really something you have to experience for yourself and make up your own mind and feelings about it, since chances are you'll be getting something totally different out of this movie than I did.


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