As a comedy, to me, this movie just wasn't really good or funny enough. It actually was a pretty awkward movie to watch at times and I just can't understand why it is being liked so much. Oh well, perhaps I simply need to be a woman to 'get it'.

The biggest problem I had with this movie was that it was buildup like a realistic and serious movie, complete with emotions and women trouble and all but with yet also some truly over-the-top comedy thrown into it. This just wasn't a combination that worked out very good or felt organic to me. Some of the insane comical situations really seemed out of place and totally not in tone with any of the rest of the movie. This especially goes for the movie its gross out moments.

It's good and all that there is a big and popular comedy for- and by women for a change but I'm just incapable of seeing it as a great or fun one. But like I said, this is probably all because I'm male and just can't relate to any of the issues being handled in this movie, or just simply don't find them all that interesting or appealing. Yes, this foremost truly is a chick-flick, so if you are a female, simply just ignore what I have to say about it, since chances are you are going to have a totally different opinion- and feeling toward this movie.

But really, the movie as a whole doesn't seem to be all that well written or clever. It's of course mostly being predictable and most of the comical situations feel forced and like they were shoehorned in. Besides, it seemed so unlikely to me that all of these girls were all truly friends, since most of the them have very little in common. Some of the characters are also terribly underwritten and I have no idea why they were in this movie at all.

It's not like the actors were bad though. I known lots of people are always saying bad things about women doing comedy but this movie definitely shows that females are perfectly capable of handling comedy material. It of course helps that the movie is written by females. You could really tell that by basically everything that this movie was written by females for females. The dialog and story-flow all feel more natural because of this. I only did wish the comedy was something better and more natural feeling as well. But again, if you are a female, chances are you will still end up really liking this movie.

I wasn't all that impressed but then again, this movie clearly wasn't made for me.


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